Erica Kelley

Narrator, Editor, Development

Erica is a native Tennessean exploring true crime in the South. She loves history, gossip and crime. And she loves to tell stories. Erica is a podcast junkie and patron herself so she knows what it’s like to appreciate good content. It makes her want to work so much harder, doing something she loves. Erica also hosts, writes, and researches Southern Fried True Crime.

Jessica Ann

Writer, Development

Jessica has been writing and researching for podcasts for two years. She is passionate about telling a story in a captivating, factual, and respectful way. Jessica is a freelancer, working for several podcasts and she is excited to add Fetal Abduction to her resume.

Haley Gray

Creator, Primary Research, Development

Haley started podcasting in May 2016. While podcasting, and finishing her undergraduate degree, Haley realized that her passion lies within research. As a previous podcast host, and a current podcast listener, Haley knows all the bits and pieces needed to make a story come to life. She puts herself in both the host and the listener’s shoes to make sure no piece of information is left behind. Haley now pursues her passion full-time with Haley Gray Research.

Kim Fritz

Research Assistance, Development

Kim was born and raised in Lancaster, PA. She first became interested in true crime as a child, watching Unsolved Mysteries. Her love of podcasting began as a listener in 2014, and grew as she met fellow podcast lovers, and eventually podcasters she admired. She’s been researching professionally for a year.

Charlie Worroll


Charlie started on her path training to be a sign language interpreter, which is possibly the least useful skill for an all-audio format like podcasting! She currently produces three independent podcasts, as well as writing narrative non-fiction as a freelancer. 

Chaesare Gray of Gray Multimedia

Audio Engineering, Custom Music

Creating music has been Chaesare’s passion since the moment he picked up an instrument for the first time. By expanding his knowledge of music, participating in band, and receiving private lessons, Chaesare has developed quite a bit of experience in composing and writing songs, and audio engineering. Chaesare’s experience dates back almost a decade, and he has been audio engineering podcasts for a few years now. Making sure your podcast has great music and sounds amazing is Gray Multimedia’s top priority!